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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s ‘Life Sentence’

by | 4th, May 2009

maddie-poster-2MADELEINE McCann Watch: In which Our Maddie on on the telly and forgets her name…

Daily Mirror: “KATE AND GERRY: IT’S A LIFE SENTENCE – Hunt for Madeleine will never end”

Well, surely it will end when she is found?

Rod Chaytor has the front-page “exclusive”.

Kate and Gerry McCann are doomed to spend a lifetime hunting for their missing daughter Madeleine, a friend revealed yesterday.

The friend is…

Film director Emma Loach, who spent eight weeks with the couple for a new TV documentary, says they will never give up.

Emma Loach whose work will be broadcast on Channel 4. Does the subject matter influence the PR?

Says Emma:

“This is a life sentence for them. They will never be able to move on and the deep scar will not heal until they have an answer… either Maddy comes home or they know what happened to her.”

So not what the Mirror’s headline said. The hunt will end when the child is found. And as for that “exclusive”? Well, Anorak readers read that yesterday

Such are the facts.

In other facts, the Mail and Sun hear from Professor David Canter:

The Mail delivers:

Madeleine McCann may have forgotten who she was, claims top criminal expert – Madeleine McCann may not remember who she is two years on from vanishing during a family holiday to Portugal, a British crime expert believes.

More facts?

The British girl, just three when she disappeared, could have a new identity and speak a different language, according to the top criminologist…

‘You could call out Madeleine to her and she wouldn’t respond. She doesn’t remember being that child,’ he said.

Professor Canter said Maddie could be anywhere in the world, speaking a different language and looking completely different to how we know her.

We’ve heard from Professor Canter before:

DAILY MAIL front page: “Five top British crime experts went to Portugal to examine the Maddie case. What is their verdict…?”

A verdict? No body. No arrest made. No court case. Just a verdict. And from “crime experts”…

Pages 18 and 19: “THE MADDIE FILES – Five of Britain’s top crime experts were sent to Portugal to give their verdicts on the McCann case. Here they reveal their deeply disturbing conclusions…”

Who sent these sleuths? The British police? Richard Branson? The Pope? No – Channel 4’s Dispatches. The Madeleine McCann mystery is a media circus, so what more fitting than the TV as a courtroom and arbiter of justice?

The Mail’s Roger Graef presides. He says that under Portuguese law, the age of consent is 13 (“between couples of the same age”). It’s not, yer honour. It is 14. “Portugal has many more paedophiles than it cares to admit.” How many? We do not know. It pains Graef to divulge the hideous details. But there have been two cases of child abduction in the past 15 years over there

The crackers are THE CRIMINAL PROFILER (David Canter), THE SEARCH EXPERT (Gary Lig), THE FORENSIC ANALYST (David Barclay), THE SOHAM DETECTIVE (Chris Stevenson) and THE MEDIA HANDLER (Matt Tapp).

They unearth no new clues, no new evidence, no new ideas. But they get to be on the telly and in the papers. And then they return to the UK to crack other cases, like the murder of Rhys Jones, the whereabouts of Suzy Lamplugh, the capture of Osama bin Laden, the wheabout of the UK’s most wanted Paul Bures “wanted in relation to multiple charges of Rape and Sexual assault on male children aged 13-16 years. He currently resides in Spain”) and…

Madeleine McCann is missing – but if you wait long enough the story will roll around again…

Two years of news here.

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