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Karen Matthews: On Sex, Shopping And Kate McCann

by | 5th, May 2009

mccann-meehan-stupidKAREN Matthews, mother to Shannon Matthews, is behind bars and in interview with the Daily Mirror.

This is “Pure Evil” Karen Matthews.

And the front-page headline screams:


Mirror readers may wonder if there is anything else in life to enjoy? What about being judgemental and spite? Adds the Mirror in a stage whisper:


Lucy Thornton has few preconceived ideas as she meets “the bloated mum – jailed for faking the kidnap of daughter Shannon to claim a £50,000 reward – also whinged about her plight and protested her innocence.”

This is the interview that will introduce the world to the real Karen Matthews.

And she is alive:

A jail insider told the Daily Star: “A lot of the girls just want a piece of Matthews. They’re all calling her Bernard because they don’t reckon she’ll see in Christmas.

Or in the shops. In May, with Thornton:

…callous Matthews, 33, never once mentioned any of her other six children. Instead, in a self-pitying rant she wailed: “I always get the blame for everything.” Whining Matthews still insists she had nothing to do with the bogus kidnapping of her daughter Shannon – claiming it was the men in her life who got her into trouble.

Later in the paper, Sue Carroll brings us:

“Karen Matthews is still the mother of all evil.”

“If scriptwriters had the audacity to invent a woman like Matthews they’d be mocked for dreaming up a low-life so unbelievably pathetic her existence would be considered implausible.”

This is the same Carroll who told us:

They were right, surviving is all it’s about now. So they drink, smoke, have babies, struggle on and make do. Karen needs her daughter back. What she doesn’t need are middleclass moralisers pontificating about the error of her ways.

And then the payoff:

It’s very hard, when reading this woman’s litany of “me, me, me”, not to compare her with Kate McCann whose raw and savage grief over her missing daughter Madeleine has not abated in two long years.

But this is not about that KM. This is about the other KM:

Says Karen Matthews:

“My downfall has always been men. I get the blame for everything. I am sorry – sorry that I am in here serving time for something I didn’t do. But I have to decide how I always go for the wrong men.”


“I was framed. I didn’t do it. I don’t care about money but how am I ever going to prove I’m innocent? I didn’t even know where Donovan lived. He knows the truth. Donovan was part of the plot to frame me. They wanted me to get the blame. It was all planned.

“I only met Donovan once or twice and never on my own. I hate that man. He kept smirking at me all through the trial. I felt like poking his bulging eyes out.

“I was scared of the judge but even he said there were others involved. I can’t prove who they were but there were people whispering around me when Shannon was missing and when I asked them what it was about I was told ‘nowt’.”


People said I was hard in court but I was told not to show any emotion even if things upset me.”

So what about the truth, then?

As she arrived for the interview in the visitors’ room at Peterborough Prison, Matthews was smiling broadly. She is unpopular with other inmates and guards stayed close in case of potential attack.

“…in case of potential attack”?

But her depression was clearly short-lived. During the interview Matthews admitted to enjoying life behind bars, saying: “It’s great here. We’ve got a pool table. I even have my own cell – thank God ‘cos I’d hate to share. It stinks bad enough with one.

“My cell has got a stone toilet and a bed on brackets. It’s en suite without the shower. We’ve a wide-screen TV in the lounge.”

When asked what she missed, she quickly replied: “Sex, shopping and coffee at my neighbour’s house.” She never once suggested she pined for her seven children.

Might it be that the conversation was steered that way? The only comment on Shannon readers get to read is:

“The last time I saw Shannon and the others was in New Hall. They haven’t been here. When Shannon came she kept clinging to my arm. She wouldn’t let go. It’s sick though ‘cos they won’t let me have any pictures of them. There’s women in here who murdered theirs and they’ve got pictures.”

So she did talk about her children.

Still, Karen Matthews is “evil” – that’s the story and the Mirror is sticking to it.

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