Anorak News | Photoshop Triumphs: Liza Minnelli Melts

Photoshop Triumphs: Liza Minnelli Melts

by | 5th, May 2009

lizaminelliOVER Old Mr Anorak’s office radiator hangs a picture of Liza Minelli’s marriage to David Gest, a do attended by Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson.

The effect eas of a waxwork ensemble set too close to a fire. Old Mr. A keeps it above the heat source to remind his staff that the Dungeon is not freezing cold but warm anough to melt your face.

Now, PhotoShop Disasters spots this picture of Minnelli reformed, as if her runny face has been poured into a mould and frozen.

It’s made from the same stuff as her new CD…

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