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Swine Flu Victim Bullied And Scared To Death

by | 6th, May 2009

swine-flu-pigsMEET Phoebe Wyburd. Phoebe has swine flu. Phoebe is being bullied.

And the Mail thunders:

The girl of 12 who is being bullied for having swine flu

When it was confirmed on Monday morning that she had contracted the virus, she immediately began receiving abusive texts, calls and emails. She has also had threatening insults via the social networking site Facebook.

What was said?

Yesterday she said at her home: ‘One text said “You are going to die”.

Elsewhere in the Mail’s text message service:

* But until a proper vaccine can be found millions of people under threat from this new influenza strain will have to rely on the current batch of products that offer only limited protection from the virus.

* My own brush with the killer came in 1968, when Hong Kong flu swept across Europe, leaving me a stone lighter and with permanent respiratory damage.

* If the Mexican swine flu virus turns out to be the Armageddon strain – and for the moment that is still a big if – we will have good cause to ask why no one was looking to the West instead of the East and to the strains of pig flu that have also been linked to pandemics, including the Great Flu of 1918, which claimed the lives of 50 million people.

Phoebe is feeling better…

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