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Woman Finds GOD In DOG Salami

by | 7th, May 2009

god-salamiIN South Florida, Nancy Simoes is frying salami. She notices that letters are forming in the three discs of meat, beak, hoof, muzzle and innards.

The letters spell out… G…D…O… Simoes has found DOG, a hint to her salami’s roots? No. She sees GOD.

Says she:

“I had only three pieces in my skillet, and then as I was flipping it. The first letter was a G, a perfect G; and then I got the O, and I thought to myself, how cool will it be if the third letter was a D.”

D! She goes on:

“You realize people could think you are making this up,” asked CBS4’s Jorge Estevez to Simoes. “I can’t make this up. You see it. It’s there you can see burn marks,” said Simoes as she pointed at the plate of sliced Salami. Nancy immediately called her friends.

“I totally believe her 100 percent,” said one neighbor. “Me too,” said another. For twenty years this South Florida family has fried salami as a breakfast meat. “We ended up all liking it. We just do it. No words come out. No letters. No circles. It’s just fried salami,” said Natasha Batista, who is the daughter of Simoes.

H.E.L.P! She goes on…

“I am Catholic. I believe in God, but I don’t practice it. I don’t go to church all the time, but I do believe, I do believe there is something out there.”


Anyone else see GOO?

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