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The 10 Most Bizarre Things About Kindle

by | 8th, May 2009

kindleALL hail the Amazon Kindle, the electronic reader that will to do for newspapers and books what the iPod did for music. The Kindle is the device that pronounces “Barack Obama” as “black Alabama”.

Conspiracy theorists will just love the Kindle, which speaks truth to power like no hack can. Or has the Kindle just been programmed by a Cockney geyser, narrating stories in a transatlantic rhyming slang?

In light of this, Anorak brings you the top Ten Kindle Truther Speakers Ever, aka The Kindle Cockney Translator.

Words first, then the Kindle translator:

Twin Towers – They were ours
War On Terror – Clerical error
Moon landing – Misunderstanding
Area 51 – It has begun
Princess Diana – It was Prince Phil with the white Fiat Uno, innit

Plus five interpretations of “Gordon Brown” that are not suitable for a family website…

And many more…

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