Anorak News | Perez Hilton Is Beyond Parody: Sues Perez Revenge And Wins

Perez Hilton Is Beyond Parody: Sues Perez Revenge And Wins

by | 8th, May 2009

perez-hilton-fat2CELEBRITY Blogger gone native Perez Hilton, aka Mario Lavandeira, has sued a site called PerezRevenge. And won.

PerezRevenge is/was a gossip site billed as the antidote to Hilton’s.

U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess says PerezRevenge owners Margie Rogers and Elizabeth Silver-Fagan must desist from “using the term ‘Perez’ to designate any platform, medium, and/or website that contains entertainment or celebrity news or gossip.”

Which would be a joke were Perez Hilton not beyond satire.

Many moons ago, Perez Hilton wrote on a site called PageSixSixSix, a site based on Rolling Stone magazine. No, Page Six, the New York Posts, er, gossip page.

They objected to it and Mario Lavandeira became Perez Hilton, a site based on the name of a certain celebrity.

Want to try and guess who?

Having read that, now read Perez Hilton Cannot Be Satirized, in which Hilton champions free speech by threatening to mug a model and seeks to protect his – he-he – copyright.

And then revel in this gem, in which he turns on Barack Obama:

Video: Perez Hilton Mugs Barack Obama.

Perez Hilton is beyond parody.

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