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Susan Boyle Watch: Boyle Moves To London

by | 9th, May 2009
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susan-boyle-scotlandSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which Susan Boyle battles swine flu, joins G20 and writes a book.

Susan Boyle Heals The World

The continuing recession. The Taliban on the move in Pakistan. A sweeping pandemic of swine flu.

As TV host, Jon Stewart, recently noted, forget all the hoopla about President Obama’s first 100 Days – recent global events are making us all jittery.

Just when we needed it most came an inspiring shot in the arm: a fuzzy-haired, matronly woman with a voice that creates a million goosebumps, was sent to us all in the form of Susan Boyle… So while we certainly live in frightening times that threaten not only our livelihood but our own precious health, let us take inspiration from the unlikeliest of angels, Susan Boyle Pam Stone, Gaston Gazette

By Boyle Appointment

SCOTS actor-musicians Tom Urie and Matthew McVarish have penned the song Never Been Kissed for Britain’s Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle.

The duo hope the Britain’s Got Talent superstar will give the song a listen… and even consider recording it – WalesOnline

Boyle At G20

In a meandering piece on Me & The G20 Show, The Times’s Lisa Armstrong talks of her big day out among the reaple, and concludes:

Which brings me to the patronisingly fake and, to be fair, compellingly sentimental Britain’s Got Talent, another area of life where we’re told it’s sinful to go with your gut instinct. And where gut instinct is shamelessly manipulated. Honestly, who apart from a reality show producer believes that being able to hold a note is the sole preserve of people who look like Beyoncé? If Susan Boyle had been auditioning for Britain’s Next Top Model, the audience’s mocking (and subsequently contrite) expressions might have seemed credible. But they were whipped up to play the role of baying mob. Bring back the much maligned skill of judging books by their covers, because, exercised carefully, it has some evolutionary merits – A bit like common sense – Lisa Armstrong, The Times

Wonder Boyle

Human beings have always created the heroes we need, from Hercules and Sherlock Holmes–whose supernatural gifts let them conquer mighty foes–to Underdog and the Ugly Duckling–whose transformations were themselves acts of heroism. Right now, when the headlines clang with catastrophe and confusion, it’s natural that we’d be at it again, searching for heroes to suit the times… And finally there’s Susan Boyle, the unemployed church lady whose dying mother had told her to chase her ridiculous dreams of musical stardom – Nancy Gibbs, Time

Boyle The Book

Susan Boyle – the singer may have acheived instant stardom but her the multitalented star who is also an author is still unable to find a publisher for her book.

It is reported that the book reveals her stroy and tells everything which poeple would like to read but till date no publisher has paid attetion to the manuscript.

The 48-year-old had wooed all with her jaw-dropping performance of the Les Misérables song ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ on the talent show. And now the church volunteer from Scotland was reportedly shopping for publishers through her agent, Richard Pine of Inkwell Management, reports the New York Post – Ent&Showbiz

Patronising Boyle

Top o’ the morning to ya, govna! Sorry, sometimes I have trouble suppressing my inner English scallywag from the ’40s when I talk about British celebrities. But I shall do my best to keep him at bay as we have a quick chat about everyone’s favorite Hairy Angel, Susan Boyle.

Boyle is a Scots Cockney English woman, “govna”?

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