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Sodomising Pygmies For Supernatural Powers

by | 10th, May 2009

pygmyIN the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Government troops have been, allegedly, sodomising pygmies in reponse to the beliegf that buggering a pygmie invests in the giver supernatural powers.

While we wonder what life would be like in America had Spiderman been created not by a spider’s bite but by an anal assault by from a yellow cab driver, The Human Rights League of the Great Lakes (LDGL) explains:

Some soldiers from the 85th Brigade sodomised three male pygmies to gain supernatural powers and protection in Kisa village in Walikale territory.

“The village chief was stripped and (sodomised) in the presence of his wife, his children and daughter in-law.

“The children in turn were stripped and raped in front of their father.”

This seems like an exercise in humiliation, a war crime being explained away by superstition.

No evidence is offered up of any rapist being invested with post-Pygmie superpowers, unless it is to dehumanise.

But, then, such scenes of depravity and hate are all too human…

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