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Greg Pritchard Is Britain’s Got Talent

by | 11th, May 2009

greg-pritchardGREG PRITCHARD sings Nessun Dorma in the fashion of a ladies’ toilet attendant and Britain’s Got Talent goes wild.

There are familiar cutaway shots of the crowd nodding to each other; Amanda Holden hugging her face, perhaps to check it’s still on; Piers Morgan advertising his teeth; Simon Cowell offering his bon mots, for which Holden saves her really big applauses and wow-amazing face; and Greg Pritchard smiling.

Now the Sun takes up the Pritchard narrative and says he “wants to be seen as a FREAK like Michael Jackson”.

Says he:

“I was really scared of how I would be portrayed. While my singing is normal for me, it can be quite shocking. I thought people would see me as a freak of nature and just laugh. I don’t mind being seen as a freak — but a freak in a good way.

“I was hoping they’d see me like Michael Jackson, someone who is different but with a great talent.”

Michael Jackson is hoping for just such a billing, coming on from being known as Wacko Jacko the man with a moving target of a face with a fire crew on hand for when he’s with the nippers.

And so Greg Pritchard becomes “freaky soprano Greg”. And he has a sympathetic back story:

He revealed that fear of ridicule meant it took YEARS before he had the guts to show off his rare counter-tenor voice… Greg said he is desperate to be a star to honour the memory of his dad Spencer, killed by a heart attack three years ago aged 57.

It’s the Mirror’s:


Then to put the tin lid on the madness and the pity:

“If I had to say someone I’d like to emulate it would be Sarah Brightman.”

He and Michael Jackson both…

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