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Government Subsidises Advertising Industry

by | 11th, May 2009

ed-ballsSO long as the Govenment has target group it aims to help it can continue to spend millions on advertising. Of coulse with ID cards, ad spend will reduce as we are all categorised and so more efficiently targeted.

Hereunder is news on how much the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and his flabby Bunter-esque department spent on advertising in the last 12 months.

Sarah McCarthy-Fry: Promotional campaigns, including those using advertising, are funded from the Department’s central Advertising and Publicity Budget and from individual programme budgets held by policy directorates.

Advertising is part of a full integrated promotional campaign. The question refers specifically to advertising and we have been able to separate the Department’s spend on advertising, as this is centrally placed through the Central Office of Information.

The cost of recruitment advertising for the department has not been included as it is not possible to establish a definitive figure, except at disproportionate expense.

The Department’s advertising spend and that of its predecessor (DFES) since April 2007 is set out as follows, with a breakdown of individual campaigns. All figures exclude VAT.

Here’s the table – advertise it widely:


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