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Jamie Oliver Joins Ryan Seacrest On A Mission

by | 11th, May 2009

oliver-jamie-salvation-armyFIRST Madonna leaves Blighty, then Little Britain and now ABC is taking Jamie Oliver to the US in a mission to scare the batter from the KFC class, to introduce them to Oliver’s Good Food Bible.

News is that Oliver will team up with American Idol’s walking teeth Ryan Seacrest for a “new unscripted series that gives healthy makeovers to an entire city”.

Oliver will travel to the unhealthiest places in America and find ways to use nearby resources to improve local eating habits.

It’s not Jamie’s Ministry of Food, it’s Jamie: Food Missionary, taking his recipe for good living to the heathen. Of course, it could all be so much better if the fast food were healthier – meatier pies; proper chips and pasties. But, then, you give the people what they want. Or force something else down their throats.

Oliver’s “journey” is now David Attenborough-style tavelogue, but a show in which the outsider – our man in the exotic location –  interferes with indigenous life and has all of the answers.

Says Seacrest, who as with all egotistical presenters puts himself squarely in the story:

“I couldn’t do what I do in terms of my schedule if I didn’t eat right and exercise right. As a kid I was chubby, and I’m a firm believer that the fuel we put into our body results in a healthy lifestyle. Jamie’s going to come over here, roll up his sleeves and use the resources of each town to help condition living habits to make it a better and healthier place.”

With the neat equation that fat equals happy (remember fat it used to mean you were jolly?), and the idea what you can “believe” in being un-fat and that people need conditioning, the US can prepare itself for a dose of patronising trial by telly and enforced zeal…

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