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The Modern Chelsea Fan And Eurovision

by | 11th, May 2009

chelsea-fansIF you want to know how much Chelsea Football Club has changed in recent years, enjoy this Daily Star news:

ANGRY footie fans have vowed to get their own back on ref Tom Henning Ovrebo by stopping Norway winning Eurovision.

You can see the modern Chelsea fan turning to their “partner” and saying that satire and a stern letter to the editor of the Surrey Tanner is not enough. To really make a statement we need to pick up the phone and say “No” to Alexander Rybak, Norway’s entry in Eurovision, by voting for one of the other acts.

Says the Star:

Chelsea supporters are still fuming after losing last week’s Champions League semi-final.

Fuming like a really quite hot single shot skinny latte.

Says one Chelsea Eurovision fan:

“They robbed Chelsea of the chance to play in the Champions League final. So let’s rob them of the Eurovision trophy.”

Yeah. That’ll learn ’em. And while you at, you Blues, how about cancelling your reservation at the Catalan tapas café and booking at El Madrileno instead.

Chelsea fans are outraged. There will be letters and maybe even some light sarcasm followed by a weekend break at a guest house in the Dordogne!

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