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Top Tories Put Shit On Expenses

by | 12th, May 2009

pig-in-shitIN Top Tories Put Shit On Expenses, Anorak readers learn not how Tory Lords claimed for each shit they took in an official capacity, at work or in their second homes. No, that would be taking the piss.

This is to do with former minister David Heathcoat-Amory,who claimed £380 for horse shit.

This follows the news that James Arbuthnot MP exhibited an”error of judgment” in claiming £1,471 from the public purse for cleaning his swimming pool.

No – he-he – not because someone had done a shit in it, in an official capacity, but because he thought he could. And he thought he could get away with it.

Other Tory piss and shit takers:

Douglas Hogg – claimed £2,000 for a moat to be cleared round his country pile.

Sir Michael Spicer – £7,000 for “garden maisonette”, hedge cutting and hanging a chandelier in his manor house.

Michael Ancram – claimed for a boiler for a swimming pool.

Stewart Jackson claimed £300 for work on his swimming pool.

Swimming and shit. Well, you have to swim in it when it’s up past your neck…

Note: This might be just the luck Gordon Brown’s looking for – only that tan is not all powder. It’s not Touche Eclat. It’s Pig Shit Number 5…

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