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Backstage With Cheryl Cole And Girls Aloud

by | 12th, May 2009

colesHELLO! wants to take readers into the Girls Aloud dressing rooms and into their “private lives”.

All too easy to stride right in, but we warned: the site of Ashley Cole in full cry in the arms of pop poppet Cheryl Cole demands a pause for thought and a sponge. Cheryl wants us to know about her “secret pain” and, “Why I’m hurting every night.”

Irritable legs syndrome?

“I’ve got a bad hip after climbing Kilimanjaro. I seize up like an 80-year-old woman if I sit down for too long,” says Kimberly Stewart, pictured seated in bath robe while an eyelash-ologist works on her face.

Cheryl has her nose buried in her “soft leather jacket”.

“Oh, man that is evil,” she cries.

No, not him. The man in there room is Claude, a bulldog with flatulence. But he is not the reason for Cheryl’s pain.

Says Cheryl:

“I’ve just been to see the doctor and he’s drilled a hole in my nail to release the pressure.”

Cheryl says her toe was injured in her climb up Kilimanjaro and now every night it throbs like a Premier League footballer’s thong.

So about the wedding ring… Where is it?

Cherly explains that if she wears her wedding ring then she can’t pull on her gloves.

Then Ashley Cole arrives looking “handsome and casual in expensive jeans, grey trainers and simple white T-shirt”. He “plants a tender kiss on his wife’s hand which is resting on his shoulder, before Cheryl slides onto his lap, a spot she has to share with Blue the Chihuahua…”

Or is it Ashley sitting in the little dog’s lap? The dog, we learn, has been “smothering her husband in kisses”.

Or looking for scraps to eat…

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