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The Apprentice: Phil Loves Kate And We Hate Howard

by | 12th, May 2009

kate-walshHAVING missed out an office job in Brentwood, The Apprentice’s Phil Taylor says he is “head over heels “in love with…

Anyone who’s seen Philip on the show will expect the sentence to end with “himself”. But Phil says he is in love with Kate Walsh, the show’s resident blonde with the big teeth and cross-dressing fashion sense.

Phil, blessed with all the charm of a bleeding haemorrhoid, appears in Heat dressed in a check shirt with the top and bottom buttons undone, giving readers a hint of lower neck down and tummy.

Phil hooks a hand in one pocket of his jeans and pushes another to the back of his head. The impression is of man feeling himself up.

Phil then says that if you “can show people that you don’t take yourself too seriously and make someone laugh, that’s a big plus.”

A Big Z minus to Phil, then, who made no-one laugh, only recoil in horror as he shouted down everyone.

Good that Phil’s left to spend more time with himself. But Phil’s sacking from Alan Sugar Work Experience Solutions leaves Anorak with a problem: who do we hate now?

It should be Ben, the bloated version of Corrie’s David Platt, but he’s either been edited out or decided to keep quiet and disappear into his neck.

So it’s Howard Ebison, the result of a mating between the Crazy Frog and Prince Andrew.

On with the show…

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