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Mel Gibson “Excommunicated By His Own Church”

by | 12th, May 2009

melgibsonMEL Gibson “shelled out $1million PER WEEK to keep Robyn’s lip zipped about the split while he huddled with priests at his renegade, hard-core Catholic church about how to divorce without being excommunicated!”

Anorak is no expert on ecumenical matters and defers to Cardinal Sin, who tells us that in matters of Catholic confusion it is best to blame a) The Jews, b) Women, c) Jewish women d) All of the above, e) curious boys.

No decision is revealed. But the Enquirer’s Mike Walker hears that Gibson is now “basically excommunicated from the very church he founded”, a Malibu haven where services are conducted in Latin.

Anorak has attended a service and brings you the transcript:

Meli Gibsonus Bene Dic Headus cum weaponus leathulis I II III and quod alius surculus lemma in vultus Hollywood membrana quod icons est accused of res in per Jews hypocritus cakas and eatingusaum drinkus drivingum est.

Wafers followed by a showing of the The Passion II: Russian Resurrection in which Jesus is shot in the throat by a shaggy-haired man in a black Ford Falcon XB Coupe Interceptor, V8 351.

Amel and Hallelujah!

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