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Harvey Gets The House In Katie Price And Jordan Divorce

by | 14th, May 2009

katie-peter-runKATIE PRICE and Peter Andre are “AT WAR”. So says the Mirror’s front page, which spots Price armed with her famous Jordan bazookas (TM) take on Peter’s Agent Orange.

Its turns out this is remote war, fought with technology over vast distances. Andre is in Cyprus with his brothers. Jordan is in the Maldives with their two youngest children.

And in an explosive phone row yesterday, Katie Price and estranged husband Peter Andre proved they are as far apart emotionally as they are physically. Angry Katie rang Peter and let rip after learning he had flown off to the Mediterranean isle and left her disabled son Harvey at home with a carer.

Harvey gets the house! Harvey wins!  Change the locks, Harvey, and tell the press your story. Use the fridge magnets. This is your moment.

But he blasted her back – accusing her of taking away his children by flying off to the Indian Ocean resort with Junior, three, and Princess Tiaamii.

Thanks to CIA listening devices, PRs and shadowy sources we can hear the war chatter:

She said: “Can you believe Pete’s f***** off, leaving Harvey home alone? “He’s just packed up his s*** and gone – he’s acting like a complete kn**.

“How dare he? If this is how it’s going to be from now on then so be it”…

A source close to mum-of-three Katie said: “All hell has broken loose. Family means everything to Pete and so the fact his two natural kids are with Kate on the other side of the world is a killer blow.”

And the fact he can’t get a plane to the Maldives – which are sinking, people – is adding to his burden.

A source said: “He’s saddened by her choice of destination as it holds so many memories of happier days.”

The best words are from Peter Andre’s dad, who tells one and all:

“They love each other too much to break up for good. I think in about a month they’ll be back together. I have a gut feeling about it.”

As do we. Peter and Jordna have meeting with an agent in the US in June. All this front-page news is not going to do their chances of securing a big US deal any good, is it?

Says the Irish Independent’s Declan Cahsin (nominative determinalsm):

Say what you like about parting couple Katie Price and Peter Andre — and, let’s face it, most of us have — but there’s no denying that their marriage had, up until the news of their split this week, defied nearly all of our cynical showbiz expectations.

Or not…

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