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EastEnders Stacey Is Bi-Polar

by | 14th, May 2009

stacey-slater-goes-madTHOSE of you having trouble separating fact from fiction should know that EastEnders slapper-in-residence Stacey Slater is going to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Viewers who have taken Stacey for a home-wrecking, boozed up, bitter-faced strumpet should know that it was her bi-polarism what’s done it. As such, Stacey is now a victim of her head.

And a victim of her genetics – her mum is bi-polar. Which means that Stacey now gets to play a young version of her mum. You see, in EastEnders no character is new. The show just sticks to the formula.

Says Lacey Turner, who plays, er, Stacey Slater:

“I think it’s great that EastEnders is continuing to raise awareness of this difficult issue.”

Indeed. EastEnders is not a work of fiction but a 2D talking guidebook to negotiating the moral maze.

Having dealt this week alone with issues of swearing, pointless feuds, misery, shouting, fighting, more misery, name-calling and depression (and that’s just the audience), EastEnders now tackles mental health.

EastEnders takes itself so seriously that it might all be a parody.

If you are looking for laughs, best to ignore the show and just watch a live feed of the EastEnders production team meetings…

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