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The Curse Of Harry Potter Strikes

by | 15th, May 2009

harry_potter-pervCELEBRITY plus death equals a top story – as the Sun brings us, “Girl, 12, finds Potter film dad hanged.”

The Sun is constructing The Harry Potter Curse, a narrative that will create a story and an urban legend from private grief.

Danny Espey is dead. Mr Espey’s body was discovered dead in his garage by his daughter, 12-year-old Jade.

This is a grim story of one man’s apparent suicide. Mr Espey died in Milton Keynes, not in Bridgend or on the web. So why is this story in the public interest?

A POPULAR worker on the latest Harry Potter movie has been found hanged by his daughter. Electrician Danny Espey was discovered dead in his garage by Jade, 12. The father of two — who had worked on all the J.K. Rowling blockbusters and was known to its stars…

Man Who Met JK Rowling dies!

Harry Potter Man In Garage Horror!

And so man’s private anguish, and a family’s private tried becomes public fodder, a tragedy reduced to the man’s celebrity connections.

And a Curse:

His death follows another tragedy on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

David Holmes, 25 — Harry star Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double — suffered spinal injuries rehearsing a flying sequence in a harness.

In April The Sun revealed how actor Jamie Waylett, 19, who has played pupil Vincent Crabb, was arrested for possessing cannabis.

And 18-year-old actor Rob Knox was stabbed to death in South-East London, in May last year — just after filming for The Half Blood Prince.

Hundreds of people work on a big film, if not thousands. There have been Eight Harry Potter films. And for everyone of the actors, crew and more, the film was the defining moment of their lives, and deaths…

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