Anorak News | Real New York Housewife Bethenney Frankel Is Peta’s Dumb Naked Animal Of The Month

Real New York Housewife Bethenney Frankel Is Peta’s Dumb Naked Animal Of The Month

by | 15th, May 2009

bethenny-petaPETA, the self-appointed voices of dumb animals, have secured the services of Bethenny Frankel to be their Dumb Animal Of The Month.

Frankel is a natural foods chef and is currently on The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo. In 2009 Frankel published ‘Naturally Thin – Unleash Your Skinnygirl & Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting’.

Frankel lives with a dog called Cookie. She is also keen horseracing fan and writes on her blog:

The first weekend of May, I was corresponding for the Kentucky Derby for NBC. I flew from a business trip in California to Kentucky which was challenging in itself. Being on airplanes, not sleeping and not having your own kitchen is one thing.

The Kentucky Derby – the race in which Eight Belles died in 2008, having collapsed with two broken front ankles.

And this from Peta’s own site:

Kentucky Derby Horse Killed in Front of Thousands

While the trainers, jockeys, and owners may weep their crocodile tears today over Eight Belles’ euthanasia, they will be back on the track tomorrow, putting other horses at risk. Thoroughbreds are raced on hard dirt surfaces—like the one at Churchill Downs. Their bones simply can’t take it, as Eight Belles’ two broken front legs showed last night. Despite the wealth associated with thoroughbred racing, for the horses—most of whom end up broken, cast off, or sent to Europe to be killed for the dinner table—it’s a dirty business and no better than dogfighting.

Now Frankel will go nude for dumb animals – before being saddled up, a bit shoved between her teeth and goaded on to faster and faster speed by a midget with a whip..

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