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Facebook Jokes About Madeleine McCann

by | 16th, May 2009

mccann-censorshipTHE Liverpool Echo brings news of Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann:

LIVERPOOL schoolchildren have been caught leaving obscene messages about Madeleine McCann on a social networking site. It has led to one pupil, who clearly stated his link to a leading city school, being investigated by horrified staff.

What was said?

Facebook group Let’s Not Give Up On Madeleine McCann has more than 13,000 international members keen to show their support for the missing child.

By adding their names to a list, joining the Our Maddie club? An online site for the missing girls exits – an official one through which you can donate funds to the Madeleine McCann Fund. What use a Facebook group other than to share grief? And a joke…

But, in the last 48 hours, it was overrun with obscene messages from local teenagers, including one who clearly gave his name and photograph and connection to Calderstones School with every message.

The commentor on a website used his real name? Now that’s a story…

“I actually do think she is alive, but i just wanna see how much hate mail I can get”,” the boy wrote at the end of a sexually explicit message about the little girl who was nearly four when she went missing.

Teenager writes Priapic filthy message on wall to get attention! Gets attention! Read all about it!

One person wrote on the website: “fing is these people dont realise we dont take the internet or facebook that seriously we switch off n carry on wiv our lives.

“internet is just a place to have a laugh.”

Depends where you go…

Users of Facebook can join networks to link up with others from the same city or organisation, and will be identified as such every time they use the site.

This is how the named student was publicly identified as a student of Calderstones.

Headteacher Brian Davies said that action was being taken to punish those concerned.
“I am absolutely appalled,” he said.

“We want to have a full apology put on to the page from the boy concerned. We are shocked at this and will take very direct action immediately, and I really am sorry for all offence caused.”

So much for free speech.

The schoolboy was absent from school yesterday and Calderstones was making efforts to contact his parents.

So that they can beat the living daylights out of him / take away his iPod / put him up for adoption and so help a missing child be found?…

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