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The ‘Other Man’ In Katie Price Peter Andre Divorce Is A Woman

by | 17th, May 2009

rebecca-loos-jordanDAY Six of the Peter Andre – Katie Price Divorce Master class: with Rebecca Loos, a gay barman and horses…

The Star leads with a picture of David Beckham sexter Rebecca Loos and he headline:


It’s Rebecca Loos. Is the woman who claimed to have shagged David Beckham the other “Man” that Katie Price told The Apprentice agonist Mona Lewis she loved?

The image is of Rebecca Loos naked and cradling her pregnant tummy.

In this mixed up narrative is Katie the father to Loos’s baby?

In “NOW I LOVE A NEW MAN”, the Mirror reports:

The glamour queen poured out her heart for three hours and said: “Me and Pete are splitting up… I’ve fallen for someone else.” She made her revelation to Apprentice TV star Mona Lewis eight weeks ago then wrenched off her wedding ring, thrust it at her, saying: “Have it. It means f*** all to me.”

Have it, if you can carry it. And as Mona puts her ring finger through a fitness regime of bench presses and steroid injections, the Express speculates:


Horses could wreck any woman. But what about horsemen? Let’s sepcculate with the Mirror:

Those close to horse fanatic Katie believe she is smitten with stable-owner Andrew Gould, her married dressage coach, although there is nothing going on between them.

That would be the Andrew Gould who said he was not interested in Katie Price? The Andrew Gould seen alongside Jordan in shocking pictures – those shots that trimmed out the presence of Gould’s wife, also present in the Bristol nightclub?

Yesterday Andrew smiled as he posed for pictures at his West Sussex home dashingly dressed in tight riding breeches and spurs.

Phwooaaahh! What odds on Katie posing in a pair of riding boots and hard helmet?

Or a picture of her kissing gay barman Ben Osbourne:

“I said, ‘What about me then, love?’ She said, ‘I’ll show you’, and launched herself on me. Her arms were wrapped round me and her tongue came into my mouth. It was just a big kiss really, a drunken fumble. It was probably only a ten-second snog but for me it seemed to last a hell of a lot longer. It’s not every day Katie Price snogs you.”

Or shags you. The NOTW says Pete’s not had sex with Jordan for two years.

But what about the photos?

Katie Price overcame her “heartbreak” yesterday to demand a non-negotiable £150,000 for a set of photographs of her on holiday with her children.

Her PR Diana Colbert was touting the pictures showing her client in a series of poses in a jacuzzi, and on a sunlounger, with the children.

The sunlounger is not a euphemism for Peter Andre. And it’s on with the show:

After a tragic joke about “one of the biggest pairs in showbiz”, the relentlessly chirpy host of ITV’s British Soap Awards introduced Katie Price and Peter Andre as the perfect couple to present the trophy for Best On-Screen Partnership.

Yeah right.

Then, a window into Phil’s happy snappy This Morning world when he said of Mr and Mrs Disgusting: “They do a fair bit of arguing – but in a loving romantic kind of a way.”

Still, Jordan is big – and Peter is, well, bright. Or as Jordan puts it, he’s “an old f***** singer no one knows about”.

Get a load of their hit show on ITV2, right after adverts for ITV2 and more advert for ITV2 and some reminders about how great ITV is:

Katie and Peter are going to the Oscars,” lied narrator Lola Buckley. No they weren’t. They weren’t invited. Because in America “the UK’s number one celebrity couple” are anonymous nobodies. Shuffling into Elton John’s Oscars party is a long way from attending the actual ceremony.”

Katie is Britain’s Katie, and should remain here. It’s something the Independent notices as it manages to link MPs’ expenses with Katie Price in a triumph of Tabloid Bingo:

At a time when politicians generally are being howled down in television studios and on radio phone-ins for trying to keep secret all manner of embarrassing “errors of judgement within the rules”, Katie Price has one great advantage. She has always followed a policy of absolute freedom of information. In an interview in OK! magazine a few days ago she said that Peter Andre, her husband, took “far too long at” sex and has “got a big dick”.

There is so much more mileage to be had from her “shock” break-up with her reality TV husband.


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