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Britain’s Got Talent: Natalie Okri Attacked

by | 17th, May 2009

natalie-okri-voteIN “BULLIES BEAT ME UP” – Star readers learn that Britain’s Got Talent’s Natalie Okri:

“CHILD singing sensation” Natalie Okri was “beaten up by jealous rivals after starring on Britain’s Got Talent”.

Usually, the back story is that the BGT wannabe was bullied before they went on the show, and now they have become a star they have won the war.

But we get this:

Billed as the “next Beyoncé” tiny Natalie, ten, thrilled viewers of last night’s show after wowing the judges with a show-stealing performance of Alicia Keys’ classic Falling. But speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday last night, the schoolgirl’s mother Tabeth Mupondihunga, 42, revealed how jealousy drove youngsters living nearby in Deptford, south-east London, to attack her after her amazing audition.


Mum-of-two Tabeth said: “The original plan was to enter the competition as a girl group. But the problem was controlling Natalie at times because she is so boisterous and energetic. I thought I cannot control one child, let alone five children. It was only after Natalie begged and begged me to send off the application form for the show that I did – on the basis she would enter as a solo act. But that decision started to cause problems. This caused a conflict. They were beating Natalie up, taunting her and making threats.”

So Natalie (pronounced Natalay) was in a group and then chose to appear alone? Before we hear from the other girls:

As a result Tabeth claimed Natalie started to become disruptive at school and began to fall behind with her studies.

Natalay is now a victim of her success. The message is clear: do not vote for Natalay. In not voting for Natalay, you will help to restore balance to her life, see off the bullies and place her back on the path to some decent GCSE grades.

Says mum:

“I have told her she cannot rely on a singing career and must concentrate on her school work as well.”

Sage advice. Although if she does not become a professional singer her soul will be forever destroyed:

“I think there is no way I could say no if Natalie was offered a record contract. It would break her heart. She has sold her soul to music.”

It’s a quandary? Vote for Natalay. Not vote for Natalay? What to do?

Tabeth said: “We have not seen Natalie’s father for six years. I have brought her up on my own since she was four years old. Maybe we will see him again at our local church…”

Absentee dad. Vote.
Church. Vote.

“Sometimes I fear, though, if he comes back into our lives he will spoil our -happiness.”

Absentee dad returns to wreck the dream. Don’t vote.

“We have not seen him in so long I don’t know what difference it will make.”

Absentee returns and makes no difference. Vote.

“What happened with him has been a painful experience – I will not lie – but then it’s in the past and we want to move on now.”

Absentee dad returns to bring back painful memories. Don’t vote.

What to do..? What to do..?

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