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MP Claims For Queen-Sized Bed

by | 17th, May 2009

queen-mpsSWINE Fever grips British politics and who better than Her Mjestry The Queen to make a stand for probity and thrift?

The Queen has told Gordon Brown she is worried that the scandalous revelations about MPs’ expenses could damage Parliament.

As Andrew Bolt says:

Nice turn of the historical screw, for the Queen to tell the Left it’s out of touch and living too high on the hog.

Well, not just the Left, but the Right and  the Middle, too. But for the Queen to complain about the excessive spending of public funds is, well, a bit rich…

PRINCE Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie could lose their police bodyguards after Scotland Yard launched a review of the £50million-plus cost of royal security.

Pass the trough…

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