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Prince Edward: A Year In Pictures

by | 17th, May 2009

prince-edward-live-camTIME now for Anorak’s regular annual look to see what Prince Edward has been up to, the mad rascal.

The Mail manages to pin down Eddie “in a rare public outing” as he, his hard-working wife Sophie, their five-year-old Lady Louise Windsor and 17-month-old James, Viscount Severn, attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

It’s a tough journey from mum’s castle to the grounds, but Eddie and his family are more than game to attend the annual fixture, held in Windsor Great Park, which spans five days and features “dressage, showjumping, carriage, 4×4 driving” – as well as all other ways to get the little princesses and princes to school – and back!

Wearing her favourite green ‘froggy boots’, Louise – who is very fond of frogs and loves frog prince stories – happily stomped around the Great Park site.

Give dad a kiss, Louise!

She squealed with delight as she rode on the fairground carousel with her father while her brother spent much of the time in his fleece-lined buggy or scooped up in Edward’s arms.

He’s his father’s son. And Eddie is his son and daughter’s dad:

And though the shirt and tie beneath made him look more corporate guest than off-duty dad, the truth, one friend said, is that he is a ‘very hands-on father’.

The children have a couple of nannies and there are six protection officers looking after them all around the clock, but Edward is really a charmingly informal parent at home,’ the friend said.

‘He’ll often be down on hands and knees playing “horsey” with the children. He adores being a father and they’re just the spit of him.

Which brings us to this view form a Royal “insider”:

“It’s very rare for them to go out in public as a family. Usually, they go to see the Queen for tea on a weekend or she comes to them at their Bagshot Park home near Windsor, and of course they socialise with friends in private houses.”

And then there’s the food to eat and air to breathe – jobs that make Eddie and Sophie’s life a whirligig of frenzied activity and doing.

TV does not itself watch,” as Eddie is wont to say.

But why are the children so unseen?

“The children aren’t kept in seclusion or anything like that.”

Not like William and Harry’s sister Prunella, with her pricked-back ears and addiction to Nicotine

“They have lovely little parties with their friends. But both Edward and Sophie are reluctant about their children being photographed.”

Because they are the spit of Eddie..?

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