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Anorak Spots: Waterboard Lesbian Devil Pelosi

by | 18th, May 2009

cover-of-the-dayWaterboard Pelosi!

Listen, you mugs. When I said that the CIA never briefed me about water-boarding, then said that, well, yeah, they mentioned it, but didn’t explain the details, then said, well, actually, they did tell me what it was, but I thought that they hadn’t used it yet, but were talking about the future (which, if I found out later it was being used, I would’ve opposed it, for sure), what I really meant to say was that I have no idea what the CIA told me ‘cuz when they were briefing me, they secretly slipped some memory-lapse pills into my cup of green tea – Paco Enterprises

Paul The Tool

Over at The Daily Mirror, veteran class warrior Paul Routledge addresses not only expenses but last week’s other seismic shock. Until their marital split, writes Routers, he had never heard of Katie Price or Peter Andre. “Maybe I should get out more,” he adds by way of faux humility. “Or at least read my Daily Mirror more carefully”. Or, in fact, read it at all. On the other hand, he could carry on bragging about being divorced from his readership to a degree unknown since Ian Paisley’s brief stint authoring the “Burn, You Papists, Burn” column in The Catholic Herald – Matthew Norman

Cover Of The Day: Satan Was a Lesbian – My Confined Spaces

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