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Paris Hilton Dreams Of Being Bulimic: Video

by | 18th, May 2009

paris-hilton-dianaIN “Paris: Di hopes ruined by sex tape”, the Sun brings us news that Paris Hilton has given up on being Princess Diana, her dream and her idol:

PARIS HILTON says her scandalous life has prevented her from fulfilling her dream of being like PRINCESS DIANA.

Paris could never be…

Blonde? A celebrity? A serial dater? Rich? Hanging about in hotels? Raising awareness of sexually transmitted disease? A Queen of Tarts/ Hearts / Clubs/ Diamonds? Bulimic? Killed in, er, Paris?

The heirhead socialite makes the claims in a new documentary on her life, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and was shown in Cannes at the weekend.

A documentary… As is Diana would lower herself to appearing on the telly in a tilt-‘n’-tell? Tsk! Says Hilton of breasting fame’s tape:

“When I heard about it I thought: ‘Yeah right. It’s going to be a look-a-like. It’s going to be a joke.’ But a couple of hours later it was all over online and then I saw it.

Euw! Squidgy!

As Queen Helen Mirren put it:

“I don’t applaud Paris Hilton… but I think she’s pretty cool. She’s developed, like Princess Diana, that deliberate foolishness, which is disarming.”

Says Paris:

“It’s the most intimate thing you can do and the whole f***ing world is watching it and laughing at you. That’s not what I wanted when I was a little girl. It’s not what I planned. I always looked up to people like Princess Diana and now I can never be like that.”

Few little girls dream of starring in a leaked sex tape – although given the lust for the resultant celebrity, let’s not rush to generalise.

Says Paris:

“People see me as a Barbie with a perfect life, a fantasy… maybe that’s what they like.”

Do they? A survey of the Anorak offices suggest that most of the men would rather be tied to the radiator and forced to drink Terry Waite’s urine than date Paris (Ed Barrett speaks), while the women wonder if, like their childhood Barbies, Paris can be tied to a kebab stick and set on fire?

Says Paris:

“There’s a mystery about me because how I am in public is completely different to how I am in private.”

In private you can see her sucking a ****. In public she you can see her wearing dresses, and shoes…

Image of Diana: 14

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