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Disgusting 66-Year-Old Mum Elizabeth Adeney

by | 19th, May 2009

old-motherELIZABETH Adeney is to be mum at 66. It’s a private matter, right? Wrong? It’s tabloid fodder:

NOBODY said it was disgusting and immoral for David Jason to become a dad at 61, so why is it so disgusting to and immoral for Elizabeth Adeney to have a baby at 66.

So says Fergus Shanahan in the Sun.

So says Gail Walker in the Belfast Telegraph:

Why are the old mums so disliked, but not old dads?

Or as Janet Street-Porter put it in the Independent:

What kind of message does the news that Gordon Brown is to be a father at the age of 54 send to women? Am I alone in thinking that the sight of a wrinkly, grey, washed-out, middle-aged man holding a tiny little pink thing in a nappy is faintly disgusting?…

A decade ago, few men in their fifties would have contemplated having a child, at least not a planned baby within marriage. Now everyone from Rod Stewart to David Jason to John Simpson is doing it – in fact, Mr Simpson announced this week that, at the age of 61, he has just become a dad for the second time .

I think you’ll find, Fergus, that columnist – man or woman – have it both ways…

And more. the pikc of the bunch is Sue Carroll who plays Tabloid Bingo! – linking the mum with Karen Matthews – and names Elizabeth Adeney “Elizabeth Munro”…

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