Anorak News | Katie Price To Sue Newspapers Over Divorce From Peter Andre

Katie Price To Sue Newspapers Over Divorce From Peter Andre

by | 20th, May 2009

katie-price_jordanDAY Eight of the Peter Andre – Katie Price Divorce Master class: Katie Price sues, Peter comes back and a surprise party…

Today Jordan wants OK! readers to know that he is hurting.

The Daily Mirror surmises the text of Jordan’s tan ‘n’ tell on its front page:

“I love my husband but I can’t sit around crying”

Adding, by way of a Daily Star front-page headline:

“I’m not going to shed another tear for Peter – this is a new chapter.”

A chapter – as in a book?

Meanwhile, news over the media filters of Peter Andre, and that he was

“…busy planning a surprise birthday party for Katie Price in the weeks before their marriage split…”


“…it has been claimed.”

Go on:

According to The Mirror, Andre had already paid for a number of presents, including a huge chocolate cake, jewellery and a family portrait, while it is also believed that he planned to perform a new song at the event.

Ah, yes the song. Peter’s got anew album coming out. It’s an album of songs, featuring Call Me A Doctor – which records Peter Andre giving full throat to the lines:

It hurts bad ’cos I was true to her,
I’m regretting having anything to do with her.

Happy birthday dear Jordan – Katie Price- Katie Andreeeeeeee – happy birthday to yooooooo

But – get this – there is a chance of raconcilliation. As Katie tells the mags:

“Pete is the love of my life and I am so sad and upset by his decision to separate and divorce me as I married him for life. This is not what I want, but the decision was taken out of my hands.”

There is nothing Katie can do. Nothing. She can only wait until Peter comes round.

As the Mail says:

‘Take everything’: Defiant Katie Price has Peter Andre’s belongings thrown out as he heads home from Cyprus

Thrown out?

Katie Price has hit back at estranged husband Peter Andre for ending their marriage by ordering staff to dispose of his belongings.

katie-price-twitter-sueDispose? Look out for homeless men wearing slashed dungarees, bronzer and Touche Eclat.

Reluctant staff packed up his things at their mansion in Surrey, including designer clothes, family photos and his CD’s to be placed in storage.

Thrown out! Disposed! Placed neatly in storage…

So that’s that, then. As Peter Andre disappears into the Sunset – and the sunset disappears into Peter Andre, we learn

Peter Andre wants to reunite with Katie Price, even though he thinks she is a “complete tart”.

Not because she’s a tart..? And doesn’t a tart have sex, and isn’t the story that Peter Andre and Katie Price are not having sex?

The 36-year-old star reportedly told a friend: “I left Kate because at times she behaved like a complete tart, but this isn’t just about her or me. The most important thing in our lives are our children. It would be best if we were reunited.”

And lest anoy of yourcickos think this is all a publicity stunt –

I see that Katie Price and Peter Andre are splitting … the profits.

Katie Price says he will sue, as she Twitters:

Please dont believe everything you read in the press theres lots of newespapers an mags ill be sueing when im back

Like the FT for not featuring her on the cover…

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