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Douglas Hogg A Victim Of Nominative Determinism

by | 21st, May 2009

peter-viggersSWINE Fever: Conservative MP Douglas Hogg wanted the taxpayer to pay £2,200 to clear his moat at his country estate.

Mr Hogg maintained he had not claimed the money but agreed it had not been “positively excluded” from paperwork submitted to the Commons fees office.

“I believe that my claims fell clearly within the scope of the rules.”

Hogg. Troughing.

It is Anorak’s position that Mr Hogg is a victim of nominative determinism –  his life dictated by his name.

In other swine fever news:

Sir Peter Viggers was told to retire or face being thrown out of the party by leader David Cameron.

The Gosport MP’s expenses were among the latest to be published in The Daily Telegraph.

His claims included £1,645 for a floating “duck island” for the garden pond at his Hampshire home, the paper said.

In a statement, the Conservative Party said: “Sir Peter Viggers has confirmed that he will retire as MP for Gosport at the next election.

“He will do so at the direct request of David Cameron.”

Viggers. Rhymes with Liggers. Rhymes with figures…

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