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Other Man In Katie Price Divorce ‘Meets’ Peter Andre

by | 21st, May 2009

katie-price-divorce2DAY Nine of the Peter Andre – Katie Price Divorce Master class:

The Mirror’s Derek Mcgovern says:

“The Jordan-Peter break-up has split the nation.”

Might this be war?

Half are lapping up every word of the celebrity boo-hooing; the other half can’t take their eyes off the pictures. Say what you like about Jordan, but they’re very photogenic.

Half the nation are lapping up the words; half the nation are lapping at the pictures. and the other half don’t give a sh**.

Heartbroken Peter regularly points out that his wife has two personalities. One’s the caring, kind, sweet woman called Katie, while the other is the foul-mouthed tease named Jordan.

Who cares, I say – both have great breasts.

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Elsewher in the Mirror, Clemmie Moodie is reutedmn form cyrpus to tells us about Peter and Katie’s split. No not their split from reality, as Ian Monk tells PR Week:

In their world of smoke and mirrors, who can tell if it is genuine? Quite possibly, even the sainted Peter and his wilful wife, whose shenanigans with her married dressage coach apparently caused the split, aren’t entirely certain whether it is real or reality.

As the National’s Philippa Kennedy chimes:

There’s something quite sweet about the former pop star Peter André, aka Mr Jordan, aka Mr Katie Price. He’s not the brightest shilling..

Of course, Clemmie knows real when she smells it and tells us: “Hopes dashed for amicable divorce.”

Furious Katie Price yesterday slammed the door on any hope of a reconciliation with estranged husband Peter Andre – after she banned him from their £3million mansion.

The Aussie singer found himself homeless and had to spend the night in his manager’s spare room after flying back from Cyprus following the couple’s 11-day separation.

And as their bitter bust-up rapidly worsened, sources close to Katie revealed she has told him: “I’ll see you in court.”

Of course, as we learnt yesterday, Katie Price has already chucked all Pete’s stuff out:

“He’ll be is moving his stuff out piecemeal over the next few days…”

Maybe we should ask Pete? But where is he? Says the Sun:

Peter in hiding… as Jordan jets back

Afact confirmed by the Mail:

As Peter Andre goes into hiding, Jordan’s horse hunk offers to meet him to put his mind at rest

Horse hunk? Prince Edward?

The horseman at the centre of the storm over Peter Andre and Katie Price’s marriage breakdown has offered to meet Peter to put his mind at rest over an alleged affair.


Dressage coach Andrew Gould has angrily insisted there is ‘nothing going on‘ between him and Jordan, and wants a face-to-face meeting to clear the air.

No news.

He said: ‘All this fuss is over one drink I had with Kate.

‘I’ve had drinks with lots of my clients but because she is famous, this has been turned into something it is not.’

As the Star has it:

Dressage coach Andrew, 28, angrily insisted he was “f***ing sick” of being portrayed as “the other man” in the couple’s troubled marriage.

He claimed he would happily meet Peter, 36, for a face-to-face chat to prove there was “nothing going on” between him and Kate, 30.

Andrew fumed: “I don’t know what’s going on and I certainly wouldn’t sh*t on my own doorstep.”

“All this fuss is over one drink I had with Kate. I’ve had drinks with lots of my clients but because she is famous it is being turned into something it is not.”

What it is and what it is not seems to be a moot point in the media…

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