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Trudi Styler’s “Occasional Use Of Private Aviation Fuel”

by | 23rd, May 2009

trudi-stylerMRS Sting, Trudi Styler, tells the Guardian that she is angered and saddened about stories on her “occasional use of private aviation fuel”:

Given the Guardian’s reputation for a positive stance on the environment, I was angered and saddened by the cheap and scathing tone of your “Lost in showbiz” article about me.

It sought to demolish my credibility as an environmental campaigner by laying charges of hypocrisy against my readily admitted occasional use of private aviation fuel as well as many (less reported) flights on scheduled commercial flights.

The piece is headlined:

It is not hypocritical to fly if I’m campaigning for the environment

And teaches us:

Each year I fly thousands of miles to campaign for environmental change. It would have been inconceivable to raise tens of millions of pounds for the Rainforest Foundation – which protects the forests and their indigenous people and of which I was a joint founder 21 years ago – on horseback. It would have been similarly impracticable to have served as a global Unicef ambassador on a bicycle.

Help Truly Trudi change the environment by taking her message to the beaches of Spain, Italy, Florida and Greece this summer…

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