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Farrah Fawcett’s Love Story Cancer Story

by | 23rd, May 2009

nevius-fawcettFARRAH Fawcett’s celebrity cancer is continuing to occupy the busy mind of Anorak’s Man In LA:

This is not about money.
This is not about ego.
This is not about anything but Farrah.
I was entrusted with overseeing
this very personal project.
I want her vision to be seen
and her voice to be heard.
I won’t speak about her in the past tense.
She’s not in the past tense.”

Writes Craig J. Nevius, Farrah Fawcett’s documentary partner, kicked to the curb by Ryan O’Neal

With Tabloid Baby pal Brett Hudson appearing on syndicated television this week (video here) talking about Farrah Fawcett’s thwarted intentions with the cancer documentary that was hijacked and turned into a maudlin, morbid celebrity soap by NBC News (well, she did sell them the footage), new attention is being focused on the lawsuit that’s hanging over the heads of the bad tabloid producers and Ryan O’Neal, Farrah’s on-again off-again drug- and anger-troubled lover who took the helm of the project and kicked the original producer to the curb.

farrah-loveCraig J. Nevius is suing O’Neal, Farrah’s friend and companion in German cancer clinics Alana Stewart, among others, for pushing him out of the project after two years of work and pursuing “their own individual interests contrary to Ms. Fawcett’s stated desires.”

Bottom line: Farrah wanted to produce a special that tackled the issue of why alternative, and often inexpensive, cancer treatments that work are available in countries like Germany but not in the United States. She and Nevius formed a company to make a film about her journey that was to be based on her home movies and called “A Wing And A Prayer.”

Love Story?

Then, as Farrah’s condition took a turn for the worse late last year, Ryan O’Neal allegedly moved in, started calling the shots, knocked Nevius out of the picture and collaborated with NBC News in cooking up “Farrah’s Story,” which featured the original Charlie’s Angels and O’Neal in the role of crying Charlie and—

Hold on a minute! Why haven’t we haven’t seen any mention of the fact that the title, “Farrah’s Story,” is very reminiscent of O’Neal’s hit film Love Story — the one from forty years ago, about the Yalie who loses his love to cancer — which he made reference to specifically in the special, as well as referring to the project as “a love story” in interviews?

O’Neal has taken over Farrah’s affairs and is already helming a sequel, because the NBC special did so well last Friday night, and it would seem that Nevius’ lawsuit is beside the point beyond a payoff.

But there are a couple of surprises here.

“Not about money”

First, Craig Nevius tells Tabloid Baby that he doesn’t want money.

“My motivation? This is not about money. This is not about ego,” he insisted today. “This is not about anything but Farrah. I was entrusted with overseeing this very personal project. I want her vision to be seen and her voice to be heard.

“I’m not saying there wasn’t anything positive in the program that aired; there was. To a certain extent Farrah has already succeeded in doing what she set out to do: promote a national dialogue about issues related to cancer–even if they weren’t all addressed in the program– and address the privacy issues.

“But Farrah’s Story should be just that: Farrah’s story.

“I hope Farrah will rally. That’s what motivates everything I say and do with respect to her. I have to operate under the assumption that I still work for— and with– her. Look, I’m still accountable to her today as if she’s a hundred percent healthy and will be calling me up tomorrow with questions or new ideas. I can’t– and I won’t speak about her in the past tense. Because she’s not in the past tense.”

Bombshell evidence

There’s some bombshell evidence in this case that could turn this love story into one of the biggest Hollywood Babylon scandals since, well, since Tatum O’Neal accused her father of physical and emotional abuse and claimed she was molested by one of his buddies… since Griffin O’Neal’s father punched out his two front teeth… since Redmond O’Neal was busted with his father for drug possession…

Tabloid Baby says: “We’ve got the evidence.”

We’ll have it after the holiday weekend, so the story doesn’t get lost when no one’s paying attention…

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