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Swine Fever: Andrew MacKay’s Clapometer

by | 23rd, May 2009

mackayANDREW MacKay – swine fever victim – hears the clapometer. No vote just a big clap.

Are you for MacKay – a Dale Winton/ Simon Cadell hybrid – or against him?

Problem is that the clap on the back and the clap of thunder sound not enough unlike a clap of the hands, or the hands being rubbed together in the manner of a gloveless Fagin sat atop an Alpine peak.

The technology is not perfect and we advise people to clap Mr MacKay very slowly until such a time Mr MacKay claps a hand to his wallet or his sword…

Other ways of voting:

Gordon Brown – Gulpometer
Hazel Blears – Hissometer
Julian Lewis – Knitometer
Sir Viggers – Quackometer
David Cameron – “I say this” ometer

Vote now and vote often!

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