Anorak News | Iranian Seriel Killer Copied Agatha Christie

Iranian Seriel Killer Copied Agatha Christie

by | 24th, May 2009

christie-five-pigsTO Northen Iran, where a 32-year-old woman accused of murdering at least six people tells one and all that she was inspired by Agatha Christie.

The woman is said to have targeted middle aged or elderly women at shrines where they were praying.

She offered the victims a lift. She gave them fruit juice spiked with anaesthetic. She then strangled the victims and sold their stuff.

She then gathered her enemies in a country house by a mist-laden sea and summonded Ten Little Jew Boys (this is Ahmadinejad’s Iran) to blame, frame and brain.

Her motive was to earn enough to pay off her $25,000 debts and to kill five little pigs that were spreading swine flu in the area…

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