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Susan Boyle Watch: Susan Plays Bagpipes (Video)

by | 25th, May 2009

boyle-bagSUSAN Boyle Watch: in which Susan Boyle signs another song for well over a minute and teaches us a political and moral lesson…

Daily Mail (front page): VOICE OF AN ANGEL – Susan stuns us all again”

Daily Express (front page): “SUSAN SAILS INTO FINAL”

Daily Mirror (front page): “Susan Stuns Simon”

The Political Boyle

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, sent a message of support following the public vote. He said: “I congratulate Susan on another outstanding performance. She has, once again, impressed the judges and the public with her incredible voice and display of genuine talent.

“Scotland will be behind her and I’m sure she’s got what it takes to be a winner in next week’s final.” – Mirror

Why do they stare?

Her hair was darker (though still pleasantly wild), her eyebrows still brooding and her dress a little more expensive. Her voice, though, faltered under the lights of a billion eyeballs.

The first notes of “Memory” from the musical “Cats” weren’t ones that Andrew Lloyd Webber had put there.

But a stoicism built from the bricks of a thousand days of damp, dark Scottish existence and a life experience of being bullied, teased and tormented for her supposed disabilities, was her lifeboat.

She clutched her stomach twice, almost as if her diaphragm was a malfunctioning bagpipe bag.

She gave it a couple of squeezes and any twitchy bats that might have happened to have taken temporary residence in the bag fluttered away, leaving her voice to regain its strength CNET

Susan Jackson

She returned to popular Broadway standards for her return as well, singing “Memory” from “Cats.” Seeing her amid the gaggle of other performers, a middling dance troupe called Diversity, a one note gag called Darth Jackson (who, yes, sings Michael Jackson songs in a Darth Vader costume), or assorted cute kid singers, she looks like The Beatles by comparison. But maybe that’s just because the whole world knows her by nowHartford Courant


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