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Fred Bowers Body Pops Off

by | 25th, May 2009

fred-bowersFRED Bowers is Britain’s got Talent’s break dancing 73-year-old.

While his peers are pill popping, Bowers is body popping. No he’s not fitting – he’s dancing!

Now the Sun says Bowers is a fraud, claiming disability benefits.

Bowers gets £70-a-week on top of his state pension – AND a free car — after persuading officials he has a gammy left leg.

As such, Bowers is just the man to win the show and perform before the Queen, a fellow pensioner who also gets a free car and all sorts of benefits, like a golden coach, a castle and a Royal Mail service to deliver her cheques.

Bowers is through to the semi-finals to BGT. Simon Cowell oozes:

“This is why I love doing this show — because of people like you, Fred.”

Adds a “stunned neighbour of Bowers” from her home in Sutton Bonington:

“It’s common knowledge round here that Fred’s on disability benefits — he’s never made a secret of it. I’ve no idea how he expected to get away with carrying on claiming while pulling off such amazing dance moves in front of millions of TV viewers.”

It’s a miracle. I can dance! Thank you, Mr Cowell.

The Sun contacts the Department of Work and Pensions, and learns that officials are already probing Bowers.

A spokesman says:

“Although the Department of Work and Pensions does not comment on individual cases we do investigate and take seriously all accusations of fraudulent benefit claims.”

Says Fred Bowers:

“My left leg is out of order but it doesn’t stop me dancing… It’s mostly my back, neck and head that I move so I don’t see what the problem is because it is my leg that’s bad.

“I’m not earning a penny through my dancing yet so I don’t see the problem until I start earning.2

Not earning… yet…

I’m likely to make a lot of money through my dancing and when I do I’ll get in touch with Motability and the payments will stop.”

Bad leg and an acute bout of delirium…

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