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Pictures Of Osama Bin Laden Shaved

by | 25th, May 2009
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jimmy-edwardsTHE power of the moustache cannot be underestimated. The moustache can cover a thin lip, underline a noble nose and create a nest for a cold sore.

It also gives you power. But not everyone uses the power wisely and for every Jimmy Edwards, there is an Adolf Hitler; for every Mahatma Ghandi, a Joe Stalin; and for every Saddam Hussein at least a dozen more Saddam Husseins.

Would YOU have responded to Lord Kitchener had he boasted a clean-shaven face?

Anorak has discovered pictures of notables without their power moustaches. A gallery follows, featuring such luminaries of moustache mayhem as Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, Albert Einstein, Dali and Charlie Chaplin…

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