Anorak News | Big Brother Star Tells Of ‘Affair’ With Married Katie Price

Big Brother Star Tells Of ‘Affair’ With Married Katie Price

by | 26th, May 2009

billi-bhattiJORDAN did cheat on Peter with me,” says Big Brother’s Billi.

Heat magazine leads with news of Katie Price and Big Brother star emeritus Billi Bhatti, the male model modelled on Zoolander, who claims that between August 2007 and May 2008 he and Jordan had an “online affair”.

Says Bhatti:

“She was pretty dirty. She sent me a load of images exposing herself, as well as a video.”

Wow! Everyone else has to search online for those. Go on…

Bhatti, we learn, once dated Katie’s younger sister Sophie, “briefly” in December 2007. He says he met Katie in the gadget shop where he worked. Then when he left Big Brother, they met again in London’s Embassy club.

They then emailed each other. They also used MSN and Facebook. Bhatti bought a webcam, maybe using his gadget shop insider knowledge.

Heat says it has seen the messages “in full”. But it probably considers them too dull even for its readers, because Bhatti delivers no evidence of any sexual contact, just a few limp claims:

“She didn’t get fruity that quickly. I’d say it was after Christmas 2007 and early 2008. She’d mess around and flirt. I remember a conversation about Valentine’s Day, and I asked her what she was planning. She was like, ‘Whatever Peteys lined up for me – a threesome, hopefully…”

This and the video – to Heat at least – “prove that Jordan was cheating on her husband months ago”. To Heat it is a “shocking revelation”.

To the rest of us it a story of a failed celebrity talking to a woman who made her fortune getting her Jordans out and dry humping her husband on the telly.

Says Bhatti:

“Jordan and I, at this point, were having an online affair which lasted about nine months.”

Ending when Jordan gave birth to a Nokia 210e.

“I saw her on webcam once, but it didn’t really work. She told me to get one because I didn’t have one and she was like, ‘You don’t see me until I see you.’”

Which, if true, would account for the massive surge in webcam sales ever since Katie started exposing her selection of Jordans.

“So I got one, but she never stayed on it for very long. She would tell me to expose myself. I just thought , ‘It’s OK, she won’t do anything with that.”

Self-deprecation thy name is Bhatti. He goes on:

“She watched me doing that to myself. She was watching me via webcam. She never did anything on webcam for me.”

Having told heat readers that he is a w*****, the magazine delivers the clincher:

“At one point the online conversation the pair were so desperate to send each other saucy snaps that when Billi confessed the batteries were low on his digital camera Jordan suggested taking them from the remote control.”

And pressing fast forward…

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