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Danielle Lloyd In Cosmectic Surgery Fight

by | 26th, May 2009

danielle_lloydTHAT’S “SOCCER Wag” DANIELLE LLOYD on the floor outside London’s Crystal club.

She “writhes in agony outside a nightspot yesterday — tended by fellow clubbers splattered with HER blood after a savage brawl”.

Danielle Lloyd is multi-talented. To some she is the sarky-faced star of Big Brother’s tag-team bullying of Shilpa Shetty. To others she is a companion of professional footballers. And to others she is a row.

Today the Sun reports:

Spurs star JAMIE O’HARA’s girlfriend — notoriously caught up in the SHILPA SHETTY race row on Celebrity Big Brother — was left needing emergency plastic surgery.

Bigger tits do mean a bigger bounce when you hit the pavement. As Anorak readers know, last time out Dani coordinated the removal of a pea-sized lump of gristle from one breast with a new breast fitting.

While we await the result of the surgery, the Sun goes on:

The blonde model screamed and sobbed as she bled on the pavement before an ambulance rushed her to casualty.

And then?

Last night Danielle — whose string of footballer lovers include ex-England star TEDDY SHERINGHAM, Spurs ace JERMAIN DEFOE and Birmingham’s MARCUS BENT — was recovering in hospital.

Maybe the Dani Casuals can all visit, and then look in on the little kiddies, perhaps bring some signed shirts and a game of keepy-uppy.

Jamie was also left dripping in Danielle’s blood after she was allegedly hurled through a glass table in a vicious 2am catfight — sparked by two girls dancing on the back of a VIP sofa she was sitting on.

It’s a scene few who were there could forget.

A witness said: “I think one kicked Danielle — it may have been an accident. She got up to remonstrate.

“I saw her in a tangle with at least one other woman. Punches and slaps were being thrown.

“Danielle came falling backward off the sofa and landed on a table. She cut her leg pretty badly. Jamie and some guy who may have been the other girl’s boyfriend were being held apart by bouncers who threw Jamie out.”

With so many brawls, it can’t be long before clubs bouncers are equipped with yellow and red cards, and Dannielle Lloyd is hauled before the FA tribunal.

Anorak takes no sides, and waits until the evidence is in. But if guilty of wrongdoing, Dani is looking at a nine-game ban, docked points and an early bath, pictures of which will be made available to Shoot magazine…

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