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The Susan Boyle Effect Cures The Recession

by | 26th, May 2009

boyle-haloSUSAN Boyle Watch: on Susan’s Boyle’s skin, Susan Boyle’s antidote and Susan Boyle film…

“Susan Boyle’s Got Acne – Is That a Problem?”

The UK’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle is the unassuming Scottish songster who has bags of talent and less glamorous looks. Has she got acne, too – as some reports suggested? Is adult acne a problem? The answer is ‘yes’ for millions of adults who suffer adult acne.

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Susan Balboa

Susan Boyle only the latest in long line of losers-turned-winners…Here are some of our favourite underdogs of all-time:

Rocky Balboa pugnacious boxer from Philadelphia shocked the world when he almost beat world champ Apollo Creed, losing in a split decision.

He avenged his loss to Creed, winning the World Heavyweight Championship in their rematch. He later lost the belt to the notorious Clubber Lang. But his biggest win occurred when he travelled to the Soviet Union and defeated cyborg-esque fighter Ivan Drago. Someone should make a series of movies about his life – Mark Medley, Vancouver Sun

The Caca-phony

SUSAN Boyle has left fellow hotel guests kissed off — because the songbird who has never been snogged stays up WARBLING until gone 2am. The Scots showstopper — hot favourite to win the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday — barely stops practising in her room. One sleepless guest at the Wembley Plaza hotel in West London moaned yesterday: “She is obviously desperate to win. She just sings all day and all night. It’s been keeping me up — it’s such a cacophony” – The Sun

The Financial Cure

Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan says the show is the opposite of Big Brother. He told the Radio Times: “Big Brother is about celebrating the talentless.

“Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) is 100% about celebrating talent. It not only provokes genuine debate in a tough time for the country, it’s put Britain back on the map as a producer of talent… I think that Susan Boyle has come as the antidote to the recession.”

Morgan, who is four years younger than Boyle, 48, added: “In one little old lady from Scotland we have the cure to all known financial ills” – Daily Telegraph


We have distressingly short attention spans, don’t we? (For instance, have the words “Susan Boyle” even crossed your lips this week?) Still, there are some things that should not be forgotten, even when they slip off the front page and into journalistic oblivion – Janice Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

Or not…

Susan Boyle – all things to all media

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