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Burping Parrot Banned From Restaurant

by | 26th, May 2009

parrotsTIME for a parrot story, and we journey to Langata brasserie and grill, Chessington where Chessington World of Adventures resident Brindsley is at a “meet and greet”.

Brindsley is able to make burping noise, and does so.

The loud burps echoed around the Langata brasserie and grill, leading diners to complain the cheeky parrot was setting a bad example to their children. He has now been banished to the outdoor terrace for the rest of the May half-term holidays, unless his behaviour improves.

It has come to a sorry thing when parrots are left to teach bad manners to our children. Old Mr Anorak says that in his day it was children who taught parrots. Now thanks to evolution and bad schooling parrots hold the upper hand.

How long until parrots are teaching children to obey them, to dishonour their parents and to – gulp! – try to stand on the dinner table and fly, or shit?

Zookeeper Kate Wilkinson tells us:

“Macaws are highly intelligent and quick to associate signals with certain behaviours. As soon as Brindsley saw everyone tucking into their lunch it triggered him to make a burping noise. I have no idea where he learned that from, it certainly wasn’t me.”


It is not the first time animals at Chessington World of Adventures have caused a stir with their bad habits. At the end of last year, festive gorillas at the zoo had sprouts taken off the menu after their smelly flatulence offended guests.

Guests. Not visitors? It seems that the animals are not caged, but holding elaborate house parties and keen to see humanity in all its – oueuuurrrp! – glory…

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