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Branding Baby P’s Grave

by | 26th, May 2009

baby-p-graveHAVING failed in its opportunistic and failed campaign to get Baby P’s social workers sacked, the Sun brings readers a new campaign:

Sign our petition calling for increased sentences for the abusers of little Baby Peter.

The Sun is determined to make the Baby P story its own. Having missed out on the MPs’ expenses – rumours are that the paper turned down the chance to get the documents first, allowing the Telegraph to score the scoop – and allowed the Mirror to steal a march with its coverage of Our Maddie – the soaraway Sun is staking its claim to Baby P.

Having made a grave grab by sticking plaque with company logo on Baby P’s ashes, the Sun delivers:

The number of people who have signed The Sun’s petition demanding an increase in the jail terms for her abuser, Baby P’s mother and their lodger Jason Owen hit 40,538 last night.

Who knew that people would want to make the torturers of a baby suffer? Thanks to the Sun we learn that some people think the sentences handed out to the mum and the lodger are too lenient. And the rapist stepdad, too:

“…the sadistic stepdad could be out in just eight years. Peter’s slob mum, 27, was told she could apply for parole in three years. Owen, 37 – who turned a blind eye – was jailed for a minimum of three years but could be free in two.”

The petition:

Dear Mr Straw and Attorney General
I urgently call on you to act NOW to increase the sentences handed to the mother and stepfather of Baby P and their lodger Jason Owen to reflect the true nature of their appalling abuse of an innocent child.

Translated as:

I urgently call on you to do as the Sun says and go on the record to say that you have no faith in the abilities of Judge Stephen Kramer to do his job and hand out an appropriate sentence, as best able under the rules of law.

Meanwhile, the fine minds at the Sun continue to either wait for a shocking crime or a whistleblower to come calling to do what is now laughably called investigative reporting…

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