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Raymond Hewlett Is Today’s Madeleine McCann Victim

by | 26th, May 2009

maddie-mccann2MADELEINE McCann Watch: convicted paedo Raymond Hewlett agrees to meet McCanns’ detectives…

The Sun screams: “Paedo Hewlett says he will talk”

Says Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns – no longer suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann but who, nonetheless, retain a PR to offer this no comment-comment on Raymond Hewlett:

“The investigators are pleased to hear that Mr Hewlett has agreed to speak to them.

“An interview with him will be arranged and will take place in due course.

“We will not be going into public detail about where or when that interview will take place.”

No public details. Privacy is all. So says the, er, spokesman to the media. And just in case you jump to conclusions that Raymond Hewlett is guilty, Clarence Mitchell for hire adds:

“Mr Hewlett has again denied any involvement in Madeleine’s abduction, and if it helps to eliminate him from the private investigation then he has done the right thing by indicating that he will speak to the investigators currently helping Kate and Gerry McCann.”

He has done the “right thing” in agreeing to speak to private investigators, having been fingered in the press in a story fed to the voracious media by… Well, any ideas?

Hewlett is tha man of whom the Mail says:

‘Maddie paedophile’ under investigation for four months

Yeah, Hewlett is the “Maddie Paedo“. He used to be just a paedo – now he has a celebrity edge.

Or as the Irish Herald puts it:

Madeleine detectives banned by hospital from quizzing suspect

Rymond Hewlett is linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann by a couple’s statement that they met him in Portugal and later felt uneasy, Clarence Mitchell, a media besotted with convicted peados (and not, sadly, with unveiling ones who are getting away with it)  and a man who says Hewlett brought up Our Maddie in conversation, a chat that to the media’s mind made him “obsessed“.

It’s the Third Summer Of Maddie – and the media is ready for news and no news…

Update: Get a load of this:

In the spring of 1999, A British couple called Alan and Cindy Thompson were driving through Pakistan, in the very area that they’re now talking about as being bin Laden’s location. After driving for 11 hours on dirt roads they came to a checkpoint and were detained by armed Pakistani guards.

The next day the Dawn newspaper, one of the biggest newspapers in Pakistan, reported that this couple had found the secret lair of Osama bin Laden.

More interesting is that they reported that this location had been visited by US consulate officers, British, Australian, and Swiss ambassadors, and that it was guarded by a team of US commandoes.

After the couple were picked up by the British embassy they were invited to a garden party where all the British ambassadors and aid workers were bragging that they were stationed in the same area as bin Laden’s secret hideout.

After the couple got back home to England they saw a newspaper article calling for the capture of bin Laden. This was a few months before Clinton signed an executive order mandating bin Laden to be killed on sight.

The couple immediately contacted Scotland Yard in London; they contacted the FBI and the Pentagon and in every case got nothing. No response, no request for an interview. Nothing.

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