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Fat Dog Trapped In Rabbit Hole Escapes By Slimming

by | 27th, May 2009

fat-dog-dietJAKE the Jack Russell was trapped in an underground rabbit warren in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, for 25 days until he lost so much weight that he was able to crawl out.

Says owner Jill Thomas:

“Jake was out walking with my husband one day when he trotted off and vanished out of sight around the rabbit holes. Rick looked everywhere for him but they were about six miles from home and he had no choice but to return without him.

“We put posters up everywhere and advertised for information about him but we heard nothing. Once three weeks had gone by we gave up hope of ever seeing him again.”

Jake had not been kidnapped and held against his will by the Rabbit Liberation Army, just gotten stuck. Jake eventually wriggled free and made it to safety.

As a result, Jake’s Law will come into force. All doors and windows on council run accommodation will be made eight inches narrower. Doorways on kebab shops, burger shops and fried chicken eateries will be reduced in width by 12 inches.

Fast food vans will be required to park by areas of quicksand.

All other persons of “stature” will be tossed down wells and invited to pick a piece of string that can take their weight.

That is all…

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