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Susan Boyle Impersonator Attacks Shaheen Jafargholi

by | 27th, May 2009

susan-boyle10HAVING told a fan to, allegedly, “Fuck off”, Susan Boyle is now said to have responded to the sight of Shaheen Jafargholi making his way into the final of Britain’s Got Talent by shouting “f*** off” at the telly.

The Mail, which brings us claims of Boyle’s bon mots, then says she did storm off to her room at the Wembley Plaza Hotel before around 150 people.

Says one witness to the Boyle reaction:

“Everyone was stunned by her reaction.”

Says a “spokesman” for something or other:

“Susan was in the bar with friends but was getting hassled by a journalist. The four of them left before Shaheen’s live performance to watch it in the room instead.”

Which means the Mail’s source is wrong or lying and that 150 people are not sat in a room with Susan Boyle but with a look-alike.

So who is this Susan Boyle clone? And will she be found by the time Demi Moore – who, by the way, without surgery looks just like Boyle – arrives to cheer her on in the final?

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