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Danielle Lloyd Jumped On By Hoodie

by | 28th, May 2009

danielle-lloyd2GORDON Smart – the Sun’s in-house estate agent- showbiz PR hybrid – is dwelling on hard-to-like Danielle Lloyd’s “brush with disaster” and how it “provided the inspiration for a spectacularly ill-advised brainwave from a sportswear firm trying to make a few quid”.

Given that Smart’s Bizarre column is a glorified puff piece for the music and telly industries , this PR shocker must be really shocking.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the glamour girl. But nearly losing your leg after falling through a glass table in a nightclub brawl is a dramatic ordeal for anyone.

Had it not been for that toughened Ronseal top coat, Dani may well have been the new Heather Mills. But she lives to walk into a club on her one two legs again.

The Bizarre Bad Taste Award 2009 is heading to Franklin & Marshall sportswear for this shocking piece of PR opportunism…

Their note said:

“Poor Danielle Lloyd. After being battered in a nightclub, Danielle can now rest up in the comfort of her Franklin Marshall hoodie.

“Franklin & Marshall is the ultimate in understated American college-inspired casual wear — the perfect recipe for Danielle’s recovery. Why not double up and get an identical tracksuit for your boyfriend a la Danielle and top Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara? Get well soon Danielle.”

Smart says this is “Unbelievable”.

The firm responds to the criticism, and news that it is getting free publicity in the Sun. And if you don’t believe all publicity is good publicity, remember that Danielle Lloyd is famous for tag-team Big Brother bulling, being stripped of her Miss Great Britain title, shagging footballers and rows.

Says the PR:

“We spotted it in the paper yesterday and decided to send it out to fashion Press so they could see the latest samples. It wasn’t meant maliciously.”

Says Danielle’s own, er, PR at news that their client is once more in the national press, and now billed as victim:

“I am disgusted by the blatant exploitation of my client’s name in awful circumstances.”

And just when you thought it could not get better:

“The irony is that we approached Franklin Marshall six weeks ago to discuss gifting Danielle and Jamie with product, as they are both huge fans of the brand.”

Gifting. Not to be confused with begging.

What odds Smart getting a pink hoodie in the post and the accident prone Dani agreeing to forgive and forget in exchange for a few gifts and some more newzzzzzzzzzzzz..?

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