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Family Find Jesus Living In Marmite Jar

by | 28th, May 2009

jesus-marmiteJESUS has been in Claire Allen’s marmite. He’s been living in her Marmite jar.

Claire Allen: Waiter
Waiter: Modom
CA: What’s this Jesus doing in my Marmite?
Waiter: Waiting for some toast, modom…

Says Claire Allen’s husband, of Ystrad, Rhondda:

The kids are still eating it, but we kept the lid… Claire saw it first and called her dad to come and take a photo of it.

“When I first looked at it I wasn’t sure, but when I moved it away from me it started coming out. I thought yeah, she’s right – that’s the image of Jesus.”

Mrs Allen says her 14-year-old son Jamie also has Jesus in his Marmite:

“Straight away Jamie said ‘that looks like God’, and my other boys (Robbie, four, and Tomas, 11) even said they could see a face. People might think I’m nuts, but I like to think it’s Jesus looking out for us.

“We’ve had a tough couple of months; my mum’s been really ill and it’s comforting to think that if he is there, he’s watching over us.”

Not that you can see that much from inside a lid of Marmite, especially when it’s screwed atop a jar of the black stuff…

But hold on a mom! It might not be Jesus… It might be… Oooer! It’s… him!

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