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The Wonderful Julie Kirkbride

by | 28th, May 2009

Anorak reader Yampster looks at Julie Kirkbride:

The ability of Ms Kirkbride to cling to her job beggars belief. Every day she comes up with a different set of circumstances to fit it with the latest revelations….

She has been told by Cameron that she must hold a public meeting and face her constituents before the end of the week. We learned late last night, from a bloke who works in the pub and from no one else, that the public meeting is this afternoon in a pub about a mile from the town centre. It’s much too late for most people to get there and we suspect that it will be party members only if we did. She is however unfortunate that many of the ex employees of Rover live in her constituency and even holding it on signing on day is not going to keep them away.

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